Our Chatbot will engage with your customers 24×7 via Website Chat Widget, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

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Auto Dealership Virtual Assistant

Dealer-bot engages customers of Auto Dealerships in a conversation using natural language .

Why Dealer-bot?

Dealer-bot learns from real conversations between customers and sales associates on website chats and knows how to respond to a customer’s inquiry .

Customer Journey

Purchasing an automobile is a task that most customers do not take lightly. There is a lot of research involved and customers tend to be wary of asking questions from pushy sales associates. Most customers that reach out via Chat Widget are not yet ready to purchase. Dealer-bot aims to build a long term relationship with these customers by answering questions about vehicle availability, equipment details, lease and finance options, while helping the customer move along towards scheduling a test drive.

Lead Generation

Dealer-bot effortlessly connects with auto dealerships specific CRM systems. Sales associates not only get customer contact details but also what questions customers had and how Dealer-bot responded to those. Dealer-bot will also provide details on whether the customer in interested in used or new automobile, lease of finance, and whether the customer has an automobile for trade-in. Armed with this information, the sales associate can put their best foot forward to convert the lead to a sale.

Exhaustive Training

Dealer-bot has learned from the best in the business and the process of learning will never stop. We analyzed data from chat logs to understand what customers seek and when they tend to turn away from the chat sessions. Our engineers brought all of this together to give Dealer-bot deep domain expertise in auto sales. The artificial intelligence core of Dealer-bot is designed to continue to learn from it’s own customer conversations in order to build better relationships with potential customers.

Analytics and Reporting

Do you know what was is the #1 inquiry your customers made on your digital assets or via chats last month?  Dealer-bot’s powerful analytics engine provides unprecedented access to dashboards and reports that will help you understand what are the top questions your customers ask, the day and time when they are most active on chat, the top models of new and used cars that get the most inquiries. This trend analysis will set up your sales associates for higher levels of success.

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Friends sometimes call us nerdy and creative people who obsess over our work. Yes we unscrewed a lot of radio sets growing up.

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