Facebook is an excellent platform for reaching potential audiences. Real Estate agents rely heavily on Facebook Ads due to its simplicity, reach, and budget controls. What differentials Facebook Ads from Google Ads is that Facebook Ads are inspirational in nature. Facebook Ads engage customers through beautiful images, videos, and content that draw people in. Not to mention the potential SEO value of social ads and links. ?

However, most real estate agents are not capturing all potential leads from their Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, most Facebook Ads still throw the customers onto a static website, where a customer must provide their ?contact information? to engage further. On average, less than 1% of the visitors to a Real Estate agent?s website fill out the contact form.

We have noticed that customers who ?engage? in a conversation will convert into a lead at a rate of 5x ? 10x higher rate than those who are sent to a ?contact us? form. The reasoning is simple ? by engaging a customer in a timely conversation, you allow them to build a relationship with your business, which results in them trusting you with their contact information.

Pairing up your Facebook Ads with a Chatbot will significantly improve your overall lead capture rate. A chatbot is a messaging solution for websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more. The primary goal of a chatbot is to engage the traffic on lead channels including Websites, Facebook Pages, and Text. It assists in many ways including answering quick questions, setting appointments, and capturing customer contact information.

Here is how a Facebook Chatbot works with a Facebook Ad:

  1. Converts Inspiration into Engagement

    When an ?inspired? customer clicks on your Facebook Ad, the Facebook Messenger pops up immediately and starts engaging with the customer in a conversation. The Chatbot can seek information from the customer such as ?what do you like about this house? or ?would you like me to schedule a showing for this property?. The customer can also ask questions and the chatbot will immediately provide answers.


  3. Converts Engagement into Commitment

    While the chatbot seeks to answer customer questions, it will also determine whether the customer is ready to speak with an agent. And if so, it will seek customer contact information as well as potential time slots for a face to face meeting.


  5. Makes You Smarter

    Even if the customer does not provide contact information, their questions can help you understand what the customers wanted to know. Just this insight alone can help you position your Facebook Ad in a way that gets more leads. This virtuous cycle of customer feedback is a treasure trove of information that Real Estate agents are not taking advantage of.



Facebook is an excellent platform for Real Estate Agents to reach audience through targeted and inspirational content. By leveraging a Facebook Chatbot, Real Estate Agents will generate incremental leads and improve their Facebook Ads.

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