According to NAR, on average real estate agents spend $400 per month on online marketing including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO/SEM. Given that average home buyer now spends 26 hours online researching home, it makes sense for Agents to drive these customers to their websites and social pages. ?

However, on average, less than 1% of the visitors to a Real Estate agent?s website fills out contact form. That?s the reason why Digital Marketing is still behind ?referrals? and ?for-sale? sign in terms of lead source.

While digital marketing can drive traffic, it falls short in terms of converting traffic into leads. Pairing up your online marketing with a Chatbot will significantly improve your overall lead capture rate. A chatbot is a messaging solution for websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and more. The primary goal of a chatbot is to engage the traffic on lead channels including Websites, Facebook Pages, and Text. It assists in many ways including answering quick questions, setting appointments, and capturing customer contact information.

Here is how chatbots improve your digital marketing RoI:

  1. Real Estate is a Relationship Business

    ?Contact Us? forms are a cold method of saying ?hello? to potential customers. That?s the reason why less than 1% of your website visitors fill in your contact form. In contrast the Chatbot always starts the conversation with ?how can I help you??. This ?soft sale? approach allows new customers to build relationship with your business, while you are busy closing other deals or having dinner with your family.


  3. Immediate answers 24×7

    According to research by idio, 3 out of 5 interested buyers will take their business elsewhere if they do not get prompt response to their queries. Chatbots can immediately respond to customer queries and engage them in a conversation thereby making sure the customers do not go to competition seeking answers. Additionally, we have observed that 20% of conversations with chatbots happen between the hours of midnight and 5 am. Again, the chatbot engages with these customers immediately and locks them in as your leads.


  5. Improve your digital content

    In the words of one of our largest client, ?I am surprised by the questions customers are asking the chatbot. I know for sure they can?t get answers to those questions on my website?. This explains why such a large majority of your site visitors simply bounce off your site. By capturing these questions, the chatbot offers a way for you to stay ahead of the evolving needs of your customers. These questions make up for an excellent source of new Blog posts and content for your site and help you truly stand out against competition


  7. Be where your customers are

    According to research by Business Insider, texting and messaging is the most preferred way of communicating with Millennials. By allowing customers to engage with your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, and even SMS, you open up more channels of communication that your customer prefer. In your digital marketing you can allow customers to interact immediately in any messaging channel they prefer.


  9. Eliminate Busy Work

    How often do you follow-up with your online leads, only to find out that they aren?t really a good lead at all? When a potential customer engages in a conversation with a chatbot, not only does it show their ?intent? but also provide key insights to their ?readiness? to purchase. By reviewing the chat transcript prior to contacting the customers you will be fully prepared to have a signed contract during the first contact.



Real Estate Chatbots are around-the-clock assistants, that engage with potential customers on website, Facebook Messenger or SMS. By leveraging Chatbot?s soft sale approach, real estate agents will generate incremental leads with their existing digital marketing spend.

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